Forums are a way to connect individuals with one another to share information, resources, ask questions, and connect. Based on a needs assessment of our clientele, 3 forum areas were identified. You can join the forums (Facebook group) at the links below.

Texas Agriculture Health

Photo of Tractor in Field reading "Texas Agriculture Health Online Forum"

assistive equipment, secondary injury prevention resources, stress and health management, agriculture resources in Texas, funding opportunities, etc.

Veterans in Agriculture

Photo of military man in fatigues walking through wheat field.  Reads "Veterans in Agriculture Online Forum"

Resources for veterans in agriculture (funding, training programs, resources, etc.)

Hispanic & Migrant Farmers

Hispanic woman harvesting lettuce.  Photo reads "Hispanic and Migrant Farmers online forum"

Information and resources for Hispanic and migrant farmers and farm workers (education, community assistance, health related topics, injury prevention, etc.)

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