BattleGround to Breaking Ground Program


Thanks to a USDA NIFA Beginning Farmer Rancher Development Program grant the BattleGround to Breaking Ground Program (BGBG) was developed to increase the number of farmers and ranchers & to enhance their sustainability.

  • In 2016, Texas AgrAbility and program partners received a USDA NIFA Beginning Farmer Rancher Development Program grant to develop the Battleground to Breaking Ground Program (BGBG). BGBG’s goals are to enhance the sustainability and increase the number of farms and ranches in Texas and throughout the U.S., especially for military veterans.
  • In 2019, BGBG partnered with Compatible Lands Foundation to increase the hands-on training portion of the program by developing additional training sites at Mesquite Field Farm in Nixon, TX and the Farmer’s Education & Training Center in Gatesville, TX.
  • In 2021, BGBG was awarded additional funding to expand the program to reach additional beginning farmers and ranchers. It also became a registered DoD Skillbridge program for transitioning military members. BGBG is working to expand it’s network of certified mentors by also offering Phase 4-Mentor Training Program to graduates of the program. 

The BattleGround to Breaking Ground Program is a 4 phase educational program available to veterans, active duty military, their families, and other beginning farmers and ranchers.

Who We Serve                                  What We Offer                                   What You Gain

Military Veterans                                                                     Online Education                                                                      Business Plan

Military-Active Duty                                                                Hands-on Training                                                                    Access to Agriculture Operations Funding

Military Families                                                                      Disability Support Services                                                        Individual Education Planning

Beginning Farmers & Ranchers                                               Mentorships                                                                              Knowledge & Skills in Production Agriculture

                                                                                                Peer Support                                                                              Mentor Training

                                                                                                Veteran Transition Support                                                       Graduates are Eligible for Additional Funding



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