BattleGround to Breaking Ground Course Applications/Enrollments

Phase 1 Agriculture Business Planning Course

Phase 1 Online Course: Enroll Here
  • Please note a $30 fee is associated with the online New Phase 1 – Battleground to Breaking Ground course.
Phase 1 Agriculture Production Boot Camp: Registration coming soon!
  • Boot Camp: January 2024 in College Station.
  • $125 per person

Phase 2 Business Planning Course

Option 1: Tuition Waived APPLY HERE
  • Applications for Tuition Waivers for Phase 2 will be accepted on a rolling basis year-round. Please note a $10 fee is associated with the application.
  • If accepted, Tuition Waived participants are required to attend Basic Training (orientation) and Graduation in person.
  • Cohorts begin each January and July.
    • Applications for Cohort 15 are due December 8, 2023.
Option 2: Pay Tuition
  • Pay the tuition, skip the application process, and bypass the in-person basic Training and Graduation requirements.

Phase 3 Agriculture Production Course

Option 1 
  • Complete all Phase 2 requirements by the established deadlines, submit a complete business plan by Week 16, and actively participate in all program activities (Team Project, Individual Education Planning, Webinars, etc.) to waive the $900 tuition for the Phase 3 course.
Option 2
  • Successfully complete the Phase 2 Business Planning course and pay the $900 tuition to Phase 3.

Phase 4 Mentor Training Program

  • Graduate from Phase 2 & Phase 3 and apply for the MTP program

Skills Training Program

 BGBG Applicant Webinar

  • For those interested in applying for the BattleGround to Breaking Ground Program, watch this webinar.
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