#PTSD Awareness Day June 27

June 27 is PTSD Awareness Day.  PTSD stands for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.


PTSD in veterans is more common than in the general population.  According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, the percentage of veterans living with PTSD varies by service era.

  • Operations Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Enduring Freedom (OEF): About 11-20 out of every 100 Veterans (or between 11-20%) who served in OIF or OEF have PTSD in a given year.
  • Gulf War (Desert Storm): About 12 out of every 100 Gulf War Veterans (or 12%) have PTSD in a given year.
  • Vietnam War: It is estimated that about 30 out of every 100 (or 30%) of Vietnam Veterans have had PTSD in their lifetime.


How do you get help if you suffer from PTSD?

From the National Center for PTSD

PTSD Care for Everyone

PTSD Care for Veterans, Military, and Families

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